Born of the collaboration with the Valmont Clinic, LABORATOIRES VALMONT have, over the years, acquired genuine expertise in the development of high-performance skin care. Upholding a tradition of medical discipline, LABORATOIRES VALMONT have also drawn their know-how from the very heart of Switzerland.

Like an orchestral conductor, LABORATOIRES VALMONT assemble, galvanize and coordinate experts from various fields who are authorities in cosmetics (biologists, biochemists, biocosmeticians, etc.). Working to a very strict schedule of conditions, they select the Swiss unit best able to manufacture a particular product.

Steadfastly eschewing sensationalism, LABORATOIRES VALMONT are fervent partisans of honesty in cosmetics, while remaining constantly alert to genuinely innovative concepts with the potential to enhance product effectiveness. This approach has been rewarded in recent years by various applications:

  • Incorporation for the first time in a cosmetic product of Glacial Spring Water (1995)
  • Successful grafting of DNA using exclusive, breakthrough technology
  • Potentiation of the effects of Ascorbyl Magnesium Phosphate (a well-known depigmenting and whitening agent) using a patented time-release system.

Closely involved in the whole quality process, LABORATOIRES VALMONT have an input at both the pre- and post-production stage.

At the post-production stage, by conducting a series of exceptionally rigorous tests on the finished products, to guarantee customers both safety and effectiveness (microbiological tests, tolerance tests performed using alternative methods, stability and compatibility tests).

At the pre-production stage, by exercising strict supervision over the quality of the active ingredients used. In this context, and for those active ingredients considered "strategic", LABORATOIRES VALMONT have actually gone beyond the limits of their role and become involved in the raw materials supply process.

To ensure they obtain DNA of a standardized quality, LABORATOIRES VALMONT have developed a partnership with a supplier. By selecting a particularly suitable biological material (salmo salar linne or wild salmon roe) and using a patented extraction process, the molecular structure of DNA can be preserved intact. Known as HP, this DNA is the only biologically active form because it has retained all its physicochemical and biological properties.

The development of the KORA O NEAL brand, meanwhile, highlighted the extreme variability of the quality of the plant extracts present on the market. In a constant quest for excellence, LABORATOIRES VALMONT therefore decided to establish their own cultures and to produce their essential extracts themselves.