When the passing of years or life events (pregnancy, health problems) leave traces on the skin, CELLULAR DNA COMPLEX boosts its essential functions and brings visible results during several months. It combines HP DNA with moisturizing and protective plant polysaccharides and with stimulating oligopeptides to:

  • stimulate the cellular metabolism and bring oxygen to the tissues,
  • ensure the hydro-balance of the skin,
  • remove wrinkles and fine lines to reveal a supple, firm and elastic skin.

How to use :

  • For optimal efficacy, follow the cellular cycle using 2 flasks per week, leaving at least 3 days between each application.
  • Screw the plastic flask on the bottle containing the lyophilic agent, press carefully and mix the two products. Gently shake to create a homogenous solution, suck the air out by pressing the flask several times.
  • Unscrew the two bottles, then apply all the product on carefully cleansed face and neck area. Follow with skin care adapted to skin needs.
  • Repeat the treatment twice to four times per year.