Need Help Identifying that Rash?

Every person on the planet has likely had some type of rash or skin condition at one time or another. If you rarely have any problems then consider yourself lucky. However, others may have one problem after another. If you are unsure of what type of rash you do have when you get one, the following primer could have you looking in the right direction when it comes to identification and treatment.

What is folic acid and its benefit?

To know what is folic acid, you only need to read the headlines from the latest health and fitness news. You only need to read your breakfast cereal box, your bag of bread, or any other food product that is a great source of this B vitamin. That is because folic acid, also known as folate, is an essential vitamin, meaning your body requires it for day to day functions and duties.

When Do You Need Serious Skin Care?

Our skin is exposed everyday to a number of damaging factors such as the sun, wind extreme cold temperature and a number of pollutants. Therefore you need everyday serious skin care not only when you feel your surface is experiencing some abnormalities.

How Does Rosacea Affect Your Body?

Rosacea usually affects your facial skin but can appear on your neck and chest areas. The facial structures that are most affected by rosacea are the cheeks, chin, forehead, nose and eyes. Untreated rosacea can lead to nose disfigurement.

Status Cosmeticus: What It Is & How to Fix It

The term “status cosmeticus” may sound like some unique diagnosis made by the doctors on the popular TV show House, but in reality, this condition is very real and one many women more than likely suffer from without ever knowing it. Because it is mainly used among dermatologists, the general public isn’t very aware of what status cosmeticus is or what can be done to treat it. The good news is there are alternatives to remedy this issue that do not involve investing a small fortune.

What to do if you notice symptoms of Rosacea?

Any time you notice symptoms of rosacea whether it is your very first breakout or your hundredth one; it can be embarrassing and disconcerting. You just want to minimize the appearance and clear it up fast! Take a look at the following symptoms, if you can recognize that you have one or more of them, and then perhaps you do have Rosacea.