The VALMONT Group is a world apart...

Various cultures intermingle in the heart of the VALMONT Group. And when a man's passion for adventure, art and beauty meets the worlds of perfumery and pharmacy, it leads to real creative synergy.
Since 1991, Didier Guillon, President of the VALMONT Group, has been daily fashioning a new world of cosmetics!

Our main purpose is to provide women with the luxury of highly efficient skin care. "Thanks to high performance R&D;, our products benefit from the rich natural resources of the Swiss Alps, the latest findings in biotechnology, new textures..."

Our Group's major strength is its capacity to evolve.
"Specialized for 20 years in mastering the visible signs of time, we have continuously evolved by expanding our expertise. We focus on prolonging youth, for example, with skin care to be used as of 30 years of age, aimed at delaying the appearance of the first signs of skin ageing."

A genuine soul with resolutely Swiss roots.
"Our image reflects our various sources of inspiration, but each product line pays tribute to Switzerland. And all our formulas are developed and produced thanks to this unparalleled Swiss know-how."

A vision of the future:
"The customers we seek to please have a high expectation of service quality. The introduction of SPA By VALMONT in the world's largest cities, with unequalled service in an exclusive environment, reflects our desire to keep providing the very best in skin care."

With the VALMONT Group, discover visibly efficient skin care, strong ethics, a special environment... a cosmetic world truly apart !