rosamoscataInspired by their natural surroundings, LABORATOIRES VALMONT wished to use their know-how to promote a new concept. At the beginning of the 1990s, they therefore developed a brand new skin care line: KORA O NEAL.

At the dawn of the 3rd millennium, our environment and our way of life have undergone radical change. Fatigue, overwork, unhealthy lifestyles, pollution and a whole range of other factors all represent new forms of stress which threaten the health and beauty of the skin. Commonly known under the umbrella term of "oxidative stresses", these different factors produce the same effects within our skin: they trigger a proliferation of free radicals.

What is so original about KORA O NEAL? It provides a specific, appropriate response to help our skin adapt and overcome these new stresses. KORA O NEAL is therefore designed to help "resource" skin weakened and damaged by oxidative stresses.

Working from the observation that the plant kingdom is subject to the same forms of stress as our skin, and that Mother Nature has given it specific substances and self-defense mechanisms to ensure its survival, LABORATOIRES VALMONT formulated KORA O NEAL with essential plant extracts. Eight essential plant extracts were selected to compose the very heart of the formulas:
Rosa Moschata, Echinacea, Sea Buckthorn, Siberian Ginseng, Tea, Sweet Clover, Aloe Vera, Black currant.

These plants, which can be found in the most ancient pharmacopeias, are now widely known for their cosmetic properties.

The quest for excellence: that is well and truly the motto of KORA O NEAL.

Impressed by the riches of Mother Nature, and yet convinced that she has still by no means revealed all her secrets, LABORATOIRES VALMONT conducted, in partnership with MEDIPLANT (the Swiss research center specializing in medicinal plants), a research program lasting three years (1994-1997).

aloe_verablack currantechinacearosa moschatasea buckthornsiberian ginsengsweet clovertea

The study focused on three particularly promising plants (Rosa Moschata, Echinacea and Sea Buckthorn), and its initial results highlighted the extreme variability of the quality of the extracts present on the market.

In response to this problem, and to ensure that the quality of the essential plant extracts used would be constant and optimum, LABORATOIRES VALMONT decided to take control of their sources of supply.

As a result, in partnership with MEDIPLANT, cultures were established on the Bruson estate. Situated in the heart of the Valais region, at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, the estate has an ideal environment for agricultural production. Far from large centers of population, the air is pure, the soil rich and the climate favorable.
The extraction process, meanwhile, is conducted in partnership with the Central Laboratory of Biel using methods which guarantee that the extract obtained is pure, with its cosmetic properties intact.


The world and the philosophy of KORA O NEAL have been translated into a cabin treatment which combines digito-puncture and magnetism techniques to relax and revitalize. The importance of the essential plant extracts is also reflected by the fact that they are used pure to enrich the products and customize the treatment.