Bio-Compensating Care

Our environment and modern lifestyles make life hard for the skin, exposing it to a whole range of oxidative stresses. When, bombarded by free radicals, the skin finds itself completely overwhelmed, the Bio-Compensating formulas help to launch a counter-attack, genuinely compensating for the harmful effects of oxidative stresses.

ULTRA NOURISHING CARE is a lipid-rich formula which provides essential extra nourishment for severely lipid-depleted skin. It helps restore the structure and quality of skin damaged by extreme exposure to stress factors.

ANTI-AGING SECRET is a bio-compensating serum which provides a vital supplement for depressed skin, helping to restore its balance by working to normalize its cell metabolism and stimulate its essential functions.

Because accumulated stress, tiredness and extended periods of concentration leave their mark on the area around the eyes, INSTANT EYE LIFT is a corrective and compensating mask with an instantly visible smoothing, anti-tiredness and anti-stress effect.