Bio-Regulating Care

Oxidative stresses threaten and disturb harmonious skin functioning and cell metabolism. The Bio-Regulating formulas provide a daily response by helping restore the balance of active, dynamic and healthy-looking skin.

Aggravated by internal and external factors and self-perpetuating due to the many complications it causes, excessive oil production eventually suffocates the skin. BALANCING DAY SILK offers a global, comprehensive and lasting response to break this vicious circle.

Because a harsh environment undermines the skin's natural protection and ideal moisture levels, NOURISHING DAY SILK, the ultimate hydro-regulating formula, boosts the skin's own self-hydration mechanisms and strengthens its natural defenses.

During the day, the skin has to face multiple oxidative stresses, so the night must be regarded as a time of rest and respite. NIGHT TREASURE was formulated to optimize the hours of sleep and help the skin recharge its batteries.

Naturally delicate and without real protection, both the lips and the eye contour area are easy prey for oxidative stresses. EYE CONTOUR SILK and FINISH LIP CARE are both preventive and corrective formulas which build a protective barrier to take care of these specific areas.