Bio-Renewing Care

bio renewing care

Because skin weakened and suffocated by oxidative stresses becomes devitalized, withering and wilting away, the Bio-Renewing formulas work like "pick-me-ups" to restore the freshness and radiance of healthy-looking skin in an instant.

Skin receptiveness is the fundamental condition for any skin care product to be effective. FIRST DEW MOISTURE is a treatment precursor fluid which prepares the skin to receive the benefits of subsequent skin care products. Instantly, the texture of the skin is perceptibly improved, the complexion appears more luminous.

Skin that is stressed and undermined suffers from a build-up of waste materials and toxins. For all skin types, especially stressed and suffocated skin, RENEWING SECRET is a biological renewing mask which works to detoxify, relax the features and instantly restore the fresh glow of vitalized skin.

A biological revitalizing program, ESSENTIAL BIOLOGICAL THERAPY is a progressive treatment over 3 weeks comprising 3 separate phases. Each phase is formulated with an essential plant extract from the cultures controlled by LABORATOIRES VALMONT. Like Nature's own therapy, this formula replenishes devitalized skin without stressing or swamping it, all the while respecting its natural biological rhythms.

The cream formula of MOISTURE SPRING MASK is a biological moisture bath for thirsty, weakened skin. Designed to be used as often as necessary, it leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. The complexion looks fresh and luminous.