It is SOIN DE FEEthe very first range of dermo-cosmetic products created to treat and care for the extremely fragile and sensitive skin.

Like a fairy godmother with beneficial powers, LABORATOIRES VALMONT watch over the development and protection of the most delicate skin.

With SOIN DE FEE, LABORATOIRES VALMONT offer a genuine "skincare school" so that mothers can care for their young children with skincare rituals similar to the ones they follow themselves to preserve the health and beauty of their face and body.

Inspired by their expertise in skin treatment, LABORATOIRES VALMONT decided to put their know-how at the service of hyper-reactive and allergic skins of babies and infants. The originality of the line is to:

  • Be highly concentrated in active natural plant extracts. Each of these plants has been carefully selected for a specific response to a particular need of the skin (protection, moisturization, soothing)
  • Use no colorants, no lanolin, no petrolatum which can cause cutaneous reactions to hyper-sensitive skins
  • Use water from the Swiss Alps to bring oligo-elements and mineral salts in perfect balance for the health of the baby's skin.

The products

A short but complete range to answer each specific requirements of fragile skin in order to

  • encourage the production of the hydrolipidic film to defend the sensitive skin against environmental stress factors
  • block cell oxidation against agressions
  • soothe irritation and inflammation with mallow and plantain.

The ingredients
Selected with the help of a famous Swiss Doctor in phytochemistry Dr Ivan Slacanin, each of the natural ingredients have been selected in very high concentration for maximum effectiveness: Soja oil, wild mallow, plantain.