The cleansing care

Three products dedicated to cleanse the skin while treating it at the same time. CLEANSING MILK, GENTLE SOFTENING LOTION, GENTLE CREAM WASH


  • The SOOTHING CLEANSING MILK, particularly gentle and rich in plant oils makes it ideal for repeated daily use on most delicate skins. While preserving the balance of the skin, it operates a moisturizing, nourishing and soothing action on the skin.
  • The GENTLE SOFTENING LOTION is ideal for frequent light cleansing actions. Particularly gentle, it is also a delight for reactive skins which will appreciate its moisturizing and emollient action.
  • The oil enriched formula of GENTLE CREAM WASH allows it to be extremely well accepted by delicate skins. Used as a bath gel or as a shampoo, it compensates skin irritations often caused by hard water.