Because of their fragile and delicate nature, baby skins require special care. With GENTLE CREAM WASH, even dry skins can enjoy the benefits of a bath.

GENTLE CREAM WASH contains Mallow and Plantain extracts and features a superfatting
effect to :

  • cleanse, without drying, the face and body of young children,
  • compensate the harshness of city water, which often aggravates skin irritations,
  • soothe and soften the most delicate skins.

How to use :

  • When giving baby a bath, gently rub on the body and hair, preferably by hand, then carefully rinse with water and pat dry.
  • Depending on the degree of cutaneous dryness, apply GENTLE MOISTURIZING MIST, SWISS ALPS NOURISHING CREAM or ANTIREDNESS SERUM.