The protective and soothing care

Three products which treat intensively and efficiently each specific need of the sensitive skins: ANTI-REDNESS SERUM, HYDRA PROTECTING CREAM and SWISS ALPS NOURISHING CREAM

  • For its vitamin-enriched ANTI-REDNESS SERUM, SOIN DE FEE has chosen a formula with an exceptionnally high concentration of soybean, macadamia, apricot oils. The soothing, nourishing properties of these natural oils help relieve cradle cap, heat rash and diffuse redness.
  • With HYDRA PROTECTING CREAM for baby's bottom, this delicate part of the body is fully protected against any irritation while the epidermis is being fully moisturized, nourished and soothed.
  • With its oil in water formula, SWISS ALPS NOURISIHING CREAM forms a protective barrier for the face and the body against environmental stress factors. It also strengthen natural defenses moisturizes and nourishes the most delicate and sensitive skins.