Valmont cliniqueContinuing the general vocation of the clinic and drawing inspiration from its on-going research work (notably in the field of neuro-rehabilitation), the VALMONT skin care line aims to restore harmonious skin functioning, which may be disturbed, not only by skin aging, but also by factors such as poor health, an unhealthy lifestyle, excessive sun exposure, stress and tiredness.

Following this guiding principle, and strongly influenced by their medical origin, LABORATOIRES VALMONT turned to clinical and pharmacological observations in order to select the active ingredient whose therapeutic properties would offer a guarantee of effectiveness in the field with which they were concerned.

Well-known not only for its radiorestorative action on damaged tissues, but also for its healing and energizing properties, DNA emerged as the obvious choice.

moleculeEver since they first developed their skin care line, LABORATOIRES VALMONT have remained loyal to the fascinating molecule that is DNA. The latest discoveries in molecular biology only serve to confirm and enhance its potential for the treatment of the skin.

However, LABORATOIRES VALMONT are also constantly alert to new methods of potentiating the action of DNA. In 1996, with their success in grafting the DNA molecule, they attained this objective.

Performed using breakthrough technology, the grafting of DNA helps to maintain the skin in a continuous, optimum state of protection and hydration. With its targeted, remanent action, grafted DNA represents a new weapon in the fight to correct the appearance of visible signs of skin aging.

The vocation of VALMONT is to appeal to and win the loyalty of a very demanding clientele. To this end, it has a number of clear advantages:


cabine treatment

  • The effectiveness of the products, which guarantee visible, lasting results
  • A made-to-measure approach which consists in considering every woman's concern as unique. Rejecting the traditional restrictive schema of skin types, VALMONT works to a more subtle notion of skin needs. Hence, while the nature of the skin is taken into account, so are both the internal and external factors which may influence and modify it
  • The cabin treatments are an excellent means of recruiting new customers and building their loyalty to the brand. Offering a range of skin care protocols, the VALMONT treatment is performed using a specific and original method. The method is based on the very essence of the beautician's know-how, manual techniques, and is the subject of a special training program.