All wrinkles are different, from facial expression to chrono-biological or deeper wrinkles. This is why AWF (Anti Wrinkle Factor) offers three different products with targeted efficacy. Each one contains an exclusive anti-wrinkle complex as well as specific active ingredients targeting the relevant skin area involved in wrinkle development.


In order to provide women with proven efficacy, VALMONT is developing today with the EPFL - the Lausanne-based Swiss Federal Institute of Technology which is world renowned for its scientific innovations - an innovative method of optical analysis of the skin.

Three technologies will be combined to visualize, with great accuracy, the phenomena leading to cutaneous ageing which occur on the surface as well as deep inside the skin:

  • the spread and depth of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin surface;
  • the nutritional exchanges between the dermis and the epidermis;
  • the structure and density of the dermis – the essential support factor of a firm and surface modeled skin.

Symbolic expression of the AWF expertise, a unique anti-wrinkle factor is part and parcel of this skincare product range which was developed in Switzerland in full respect of VALMONT's basic values.