Inherently dry or damaged by extreme weather conditions, the skin can become very fine, uncomfortable and rough. Wrinkles and fine lines appear prematurely. REGENERA II brings comfort and well-being, erasing visible signs of ageing.valmont prime regenera 2

If you're in USA, please try Valmont PRIME REGENERA II from our partners.

Containing HP DNA and RNA, it is also enriched with beeswax to:

  • fight skin dryness and its many manifestations: wrinkles, fine lines and signs of premature ageing, 
  • nourish oil-deprived skins, restoring their vitality and suppleness,
  • repairing skins overly dried by excessive sun exposure or weather conditions.

How to use :

  • Evenings, or mornings and evenings depending on needs, warm a small quantity in the palm of your hand. Apply on entire face and neck area,
  • massaging to allow penetration. For intense repair, begin by applying DNA REPAIR SERUM.
  • For an emergency treatment of damaged skins or small burns and scars, apply as a facial cream-mask. Leave 20 minutes then remove with soft tissue.