Skin aches

What are these little skin aches?

They occur when the skin no longer functions correctly, a problem any one of us may have to face at some time in our lives, and come in the shape of minor but unsightly eruptions. No one is really sure just what triggers these problems, although we do know they can be the result of more or less foreseeable internal or external factors: hormone imbalance, anxiety, a cold, humid climate or unsuitable cosmetics.

dermo ValmontThese skin disorders have in common their inflammatory nature, meaning they break out in the form of localised red blotches, sometimes accompanied by flaking and discomfort.

As easy to use as aspirin, VALMONT DERMO is the first treatment skincare line available from perfumeries whose effectiveness has been proven by dermatologists and which brings an effective solution to all skin's little aches.

VALMONT DERMO can be used to treat unsightly and recurrent skin affections or, in more serious cases, after a prescribed dermatological treatment. In order to give this line all the necessary cosmetic qualities, LABORATOIRES VALMONT use the most up-to-date production methods.

What do the VALMONT DERMO formulas contain?


  • Swiss Therapeutic Water (30%). This water mysteriously appears in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland, where it is collected. Its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits mean it is perfectly adapted to the treatment of minor but recurrent skin eruptions.
  • The DERMATOSIC® Complex. This complex is a unique and original combination of Shale Oil, made up of marine sediments and in particular phytoplankton, and Piroctone Olamine. By helping restore the skin's ecosystem, and thanks to their anti-inflammatory action, these two, perfectly synergistic ingredients work to treat superficial skin problems of an inflammatory nature.

Valmont dermo careValmont dermo products

DERMATOSICTreatment for Localised Application is specifically effective on minor but unsightly eruptions of an inflammatory nature. In just a few days, it helps reduce redness, soothe irritation, relieve discomfort and eliminate flaking. The complexion appears more even, the skin feels once again soft and serene.

CLEANSING EMULSION and SOOTHING CREAM are the ideal skincare regime for skin that has been weakened by these minor eruptions. They also help boost the effectiveness of the treatment. Formulated with a controlled number of perfectly tolerated moisturising agents, they help prevent the appearance of minor skin problems and encourage their disappearance.

CLEANSING EMULSION and SOOTHING CREAM are also ideal for the daily care of intolerant or atopic skin that is prone to inflammatory reactions.