Intensive Care

visuel regenetic bioregeThe intensive treatments symbolize the technologically advanced nature of the VALMONT range.

Working in perfect synergy, REGENETIC and BIO-REGENETIC help correct the appearance of visible signs of skin aging.
Formulated using exclusive, breakthrough technology, the grafting of DNA, these products provide continuous, optimum hydration for firm, supple skin that is in peak condition.

Using a galenic form previously restricted to the field of medicine, CELLULAR RNA and COLLAGEN THYMUS PEPTIDE PENTAVITIN incorporate all the advantages of lyophilization (freeze-drying) technology. The active ingredients are pure, highly concentrated and protected against denaturation, with the result that their effects are spectacularly enhanced. Presented in the form of single-use vials, both intensive treatments help restore the skin's beauty and health reserves with lasting results.

  • CELLULAR RNA is an energizing program to restore tone and radiance to lackluster complexions and dull skin with low energy and vitality levels
  • COLLAGEN THYMUS PEPTIDE PENTAVITIN provides an intensive, in-depth moisture supply to help skin regain its firm, supple, youthful appearance
  • COLLAGEN MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDES consist of 100% pure, native collagen presented in leaf format. With its spectacular immediate radiance effect, this anti-slackening formula works like a biological "face lift". Skin instantly regains resilience, suppleness, luminosity and freshness.

 Because the components of the epidermis and dermis lose their properties over the years, thus allowing the appearance of visible signs of ageing, VALMONT developed intensive skin care products. Thanks to the most powerful and purest active ingredients, the intensive line prevents the appearance of wrinkles and thinning of the skin. The results are visible and long-lasting: the skin is perfectly moisturized and regains its suppleness and firmness.