Sagging features, skin marked by ageing, lack of radiance : REGENERATING MASK TREATMENT brings an intense lifting solution with instantaneously visible and lasting results. Applying a 100% collagen facial mask, then a COLLAGEN POST TREATMENT vial, is the ideal treatment to:

  • instantly and durably re-plump tissues,
  • fill wrinkles and fine lines from the inside,
  • reactivate natural functions of the skin which have become deficient and restore elasticity and firmness.

How to use :

  • Once monthly for prevention, once weekly for marked skins.
  • Spray SWISS THERAPEUTIC WATER on the entire face, after thorough cleansing. Remove the collagen mask from its base and gently position it over the face. First adjust the eye contour, then gently stretch the mask to cover the entire oval of the face, adjusting the forehead last. Carefully press flat to remove residual air.
  • Leave during at least 30 minutes then remove the mask.
  • Apply the COLLAGEN POST TREATMENT vial on the entire face and follow with the skin care adapted to skin needs.