As a complement to facial care, this 24-hour lip care acts as intensive repair for the lips and the lip contour – an indispensable routine to preserve plump lips and a radiant smile.

Lacking protection and particularly vulnerable, lips require specific treatment during night and day. LIP REPAIR corrects the visible signs of ageing that mark the lips.

It contains HP DNA, RNA and nutritious plant oils to:

  • regenerate the epidermis and combat wrinkles and fine lines,
  • protect against UV damage and free radicals that accelerate skin ageing,
  • re-plump lips, draw lip contour and help makeup hold longer.

How to use :

  • Mornings and evenings, apply on lips and lip contour with sustained dabbing. Repeat during the day if necessary.
  • To help makeup hold longer, gently powder the lips before applying lipstick.


This eye and lip cellular cream is the anti-ageing treatment for areas prone to showing signs of ageing.

Extremely sensitive to the effects of ageing, the very fine skin around the eyes and lips requires specific treatment. CONTOUR provides them with a global formula.

It is lightweight and non-greasy and contains agents that stimulate cellular renewal, such as triple DNA and RNA to :

  • moisturize and regenerate the epidermis,
  • erase wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes,
  • preserve the youthfulness of the lip contour.

How to use :

  • Mornings and evenings, apply a small quantity around the eyes and/or lips.
  • Ensure penetration by gently patting with fingertips.


This neck cellular firming cream fulfills the specific needs of the skin on the neck and décolleté, helping maintain the oval of the face.

NECK reinforces the very thin skin of the neck, an area which is particularly exposed to visible signs of ageing, subject to endless movements and often neglected.

Its composition is extremely rich in triple DNA, RNA and nutritious elements to:

  • slow down the appearance of visible signs of skin ageing,
  • restore tone and vitality in this fragile area,
  • preserve the oval shape of the face.

How to use :

  • Mornings and evenings, apply a small quantity, moving upwards from the "collet" toward the neck and to the oval of the face.