Sun Care

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To help you achieve the tan you want in complete safety, VALMONT sun protection products work on two levels:

  • They provide immediate protection thanks to the presence of sunscreens and mineral sunblock agents
  • They encourage the skin to develop its own natural self-defense and protection mechanisms.

In addition, thanks to their rich concentration of active ingredients, they help maintain optimum moisture levels. The skin's natural resilience is preserved, and it is protected from the appearance of premature photo-induced signs of aging.

  • UV BIO-PROTECTING CREAM FACE - Crème Bio-Protectrice Visage - SPF 8
  • UV BIO-PROTECTING CREAM BODY - Crème Bio-Protectrice Corps - SPF 7
  • A repair and compensating serum, UV BIO-REPAIR SERUM instantly soothes, calms and relieves burning sensations, at the same time supplying the moisturizing and nourishing elements needed to maintain the quality of the skin.